Lana Black Law | Workshops & Seminars
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Workshops & Seminars

We are dedicated to educating the local community through informational seminars, where we discuss various concepts relating to estate planning and help people understand how to avoid common pitfalls. Our seminars are always free, with no cost or obligation to those attending, and no products or services are sold during the presentation. During our seminars, we often offer promotional discounts to the attendees for services desired in the future.We try to be as flexible as possible, and do our best to schedule these events at different times and locations, depending on the interest formed.If you are interested in attending one of our complimentary seminars, or would like us to provide one to a group of your friends ,family, colleagues, or employees, please sign up below and we’ll be glad to advise you of available schedule.Our seminars are available to the general public, companies, churches, non-profit organizations and private groups.